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  • Historical Sites GoTürkiye

    There are many ruins of ancient settlements spread all over Türkiye.

    historical sites Mediterranean


    Anazarbus is a Cilician city known during the period of the Roman Empire as Kaesarea, it is located 30 km. south of Kozan, close to Seyhan, Adana. The place is called Anavarza today.

    historical sites Aegean


    Tlos is located at the crossroads, now and in ancient days. One can reach Tlos easily from Fethiye, it is just 35 km North east of Fethiye, 10 km off the main road to Antalya.

    historical sites Marmara


    Alexandria at Troas is located at Odun İskelesi, Dalyan Village, 55 km south of Çanakkale. The ferry to Tenedos (Bozcaada) also leaves from here and it is easy to access.

    historical sites Central


    Perhaps one of the most interesting ancient cities in Türkiye is Gordion, the capital city of Phrygian, a great culture and civilization of the 9th – 8th centuries BCE. Gordion is located 100 km east of Ankara, near Polatlı called Yassıhöyük today.

    historical sites Southeastern & Eastern


    The mound of Çayönü; which used to be called Kotaberçem or Çayboyu; lies northwest of the city of Diyarbakir; 7 km southwest of the town of Ergani.

    historical sites Black Sea


    Pompeiopolis was an ancient Paphlagonia, identified in the early 19th century with the ruins of Zımbıllı Tepe, located near Taşköprü, Kastamonu. The city is situated in the valley of the Gök River.